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Those of us who are adoptees need to be better understood. This is my story.
Adoption trauma. A conversation needed to heal.
Why do we need to search for our first family?
Meeting my first mom helped me close a circle.
Adoption Microaggressions. There are many wounds we can avoid.
A Mother’s Voice. The side of the story we don’t usually hear. (English version)
Identity construction in adopted children. Threats and possibilities.
12 Adoption myths. A necessary dialogue with Nacho Pérez Pérez.
Coming out of the fog. Amanda Medina’s story.
What is adoption?
Adoption trauma: How does abandonment impact on adoptees?
Adoptee’s awakening. What’s like to come out of the fog?
Mediators in adoption. An aid to close unfinished stories.
‘I was told I was adopted with great pride’. Silvia Graff’s story.
The adoption process. The voice of an adoptive parent.
Bullying Part I. A type of emotional and sometimes physical violence.
Bullying Part II. How does this type of violencia affect adoptees?
When and how to tell my child that he/she is an adoptee?
She was able to confirm she is an adoptee at 55 years of age.
How did adoptees feel during the pandemic?
The voice of a foster mother.
Before deciding to adopt a child, people should seek advice, get information and prepare themselves for this process.
Effects of abandonment on an adopted child.
The pain of a mother who had to give up her child for adoption.
Those of us who were born thanks to an anonymous sperm donor, we also search for our origins.
Adoption, relationships and context.
Part I:
We all need a family. Gary.
Part II:
We all need a family. Leslie.
The story behind
Ojos color café
Teen adoption
Ojos color café
Adoption, integration and love.
Adoption, school and trauma.
Therapeutic parenting to support an adopted child.
Emotional adoption.
Foster Care Program (FFP)
– Part I –
Child appropriation is a criminal act.
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