Podcasts and interviews

Radio Cultura-Tiempos Líquidos

by Santiago Do Rego and Valeria Weisse

Supporting sons and daughters on the path of elaborating their life history.

Conference by Florencia Lalor hosted by the KUNE Adoption and Post-Adoption Center.

Clint eastwood

Secret daughter revealed and how they finally found each other.

Una "sirvienta", una familia poderosa y el engaño más cruel

“Yo no te quise dar en adopción, te robaron”

"I'm adopted"

Fear and acceptance, the challenges adoptees must overcome.

Fui adoptado:

Hoy me sorprende ser parecido a mis hijos.

Entrevista embajadoras y embajadores-Adopción méxico

Con la colaboración de Ismael Piedra, de Padres Adoptantes en México.

Argentinian psychologist will present at NYU training.

She will speak at Silver School of Social Work, at the Training: How to become adoption competent therapists. She was summoned, among other things, for being one of the professionals with more training in this type of therapy in our country.

Dulce espera-adopción mendoza

Revista #2-Mayo 2020

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