Let’s talk about Adoption. October 1st., 2019.

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The second ‘Let’s talk about Adoption’ Seminar will be presented by Florencia Lalor, adoptee, psychologist and adoption specialist. Victoria Villa Larroudet, adoptive mother, will also participate, talking about her preparation to adopt her two children. And finally, we will have Iratxe Serrano, via SKYPE, General Director of Child and Family Protection, of the Government of the Canary Islands, Spain. She has a diploma in Social Education from the University of Lila, Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Teacher Training, with a specialization in vocational training community services and education, from the University of Barcelona.
During the course, they will tell their own testimonies and address, in a professional way, relevant topics such as: attachment, trauma, identity, fear of abandonment, search, and fears in adoption, among others.
‘Let’s talk about adoption’ will be on-site and online through a virtual classroom provided by Fundación Aiglé, to reach all those interested who do not live in Buenos Aires. The workshop will be open to children, adoptive parents, families in the process of adoption, professionals and the general public.
It’s objective is to provide tools and support to everyone involved in adoption.

For more information please go to: Charlemos de adopción website.


*El grupo La Voz del Hijo en Facebook es un grupo cerrado exclusivamente para quienes son hijos adoptivos.